How the Building Industry will GRO2 new heights

GRO2 Consulting is a Pretoria-based Level 2 BBBEE quantity surveying firm that is passionate about being a team player and adding value. Too often in the building industry, we fail to realise that the completion of successful building projects are due to the impact of a strong team behind it. It was with this fundamental aspect, passion and pride that Gro2 Consulting was established in 2017 by Leon Fowler, Ferdie van der Merwe and Nasreen Motara.

With the construction industry constantly evolving, like many others, their aim and commitment has remained the same in offering their clients a proactive and involved, passionate team player in order to achieve the best product. This is achieved by being part of the process at the initial stage of a project by setting a realistic budget and then to manage this budget to completion and final account. They handle the Client’s investment in the project with great integrity and care with accurate cost reporting and management.

Being a team player is not only knowing how to work well with each other, but also knowing how to work well with other teams. GRO2 has had successful partnerships with professional consultant teams on projects such as: DSTV City, Wonderpark Shopping Centre Reconfiguration, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre Reconfiguration, Rohlig-Grindrod Warehouse, Bounce (Jhb, Pretoria and Durban), Apex on Smuts Residential, Crystal Park Housing Development, UTI Pharma Warehouse and The Wedge City Lodge Newtown.

With their combined 70 years of quantity surveying experience, Leon; Ferdie and Nasreen have focussed on strategies that will bring long term growth. The investment focus today is not where it should be and we tend to focus on the building, on the numbers and statistics and assume that this brings success. We have forgotten to invest in people. GRO2 Consulting has realised how counter intuitive this is to long term business in the quantity surveying industry. The question they ask is how can growth be assessed in companies today when every five years your entire employee base is turned over.

For GRO2, the answer lies on how they define value and growth in the long term both inwardly in terms of company vision and development and outwardly in terms of quality performance and growth. What makes GRO2 unique is its focus on the human capital of its business.  Successful and professional team playing is not assured via conventional education and usually relies on experience.  What they have done to address this is to train their staff as part of their skills development to function better, with integrity and personally add value in the professional environment. This is something that you can’t get from a degree or from an industry that does not reflect where you come from. GRO2 staff undergo professional development training throughout the year and have responded exceptionally well as a result.